How to Remove Open to Work on Linkedin

How to Remove Open to Work on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that helps you find a job as you can showcase in that your education, your experience, and your skills.

LinkedIn offers a feature, which is called the “Open to work” feature and with this, you let recruiters know that you are open to work, in case you are looking for a new job.

It is one of the most useful features on the network as it is the one that allows people to know you are looking for a new job opportunity and your finding a job is one of the main purposes of this site.

Let’s check out some more details about this specific feature:

As we mentioned before, when activating this feature you let recruiters know that you are open to work.

Also, you can be more specific about the job posts that you are interested in or you can also specify the locations that interest you so that your profile will appear in the search results when a recruiter is looking for a suitable candidate concerning their job post.

It is important to note here that LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to choose who is able to see that you are open to working so you can either choose the option “All LinkedIn members” or the “Recruiters only”.

The difference here is that in the first option not only recruiters but also, any member of LinkedIn can see that you are open to work.

Now that we have discussed this feature let’s see how you can remove it on LinkedIn.

In case you are using Android, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to tap your profile picture and select “View Profile”.
  • Then, from the “Openwork” box, tap the “Edit” icon.
  • And finally, tap the “Delete from profile” to remove this feature.

In case you are using iOS, the process is exactly the same so you can follow the above-mentioned instructions.

In case you are using a desktop, you can remove your OpentoWork feature following this procedure:

  • Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click the “Me” icon that appears at the top.
  • Click the “View profile” option.
  • From the “Open to work” box click the “Edit” icon.
  • And finally, click the option “Delete from profile” to remove this feature.

An important thing we need to note here is that you can re-enable the OpenToWork feature at any time but you need to know that all your previous preferences won’t be saved so you need to do it from the beginning.

Also, in case you stop responding to InMails that you receive from recruiters, the LinkedIn team will send you an email to confirm that you are still actually open to work.

If you do not reply to that confirmation email, the LinkedIn site will automatically remove this feature from your profile and you will need to re-enable it again.


In this article, we have gone through the essential OpentoWork LinkedIn feature and we have discussed what it is, what are the options it offers, and how you can remove the OpentoWork feature on LinkedIn.

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