The Classic Looney Tunes Character and Their Ability toPronounce R’s


Rhaotacism is the impediment of speech. This is a cute syndrome that people undergo even as adults. Most kids are affected by Rhotacism. Some people live with Rhotacism entire their life.

There are some people who pronounce the “R” as “W”. Instead of pronouncing “W”, they pronounce R. For instance, many kids prefer to say “vewwy” instead of “very”. All of the Rs get replaced with the Ws.

Classic Looney Tunes Characters – Their Ability to Pronounce the R’s

The Looney Tunes are a good classic part of the 90s kids. The millennial and the Classic Looney Tunes are no less than a love story.

There are many classic examples of the legendary Looney Tunes characters. Have you considered what classic looney tunes character suffers from rhotacism? Following are some of the most famous legendary characters of the Looney Tunes:

  1. Daffy Duck
  2. Bugs Bunny
  • Pepé Le Pew
  1. Elmer Fudd

Did you remember anything by undergoing the names mentioned above? Try to imagine the way they talked. Who was the character with the unique speech? Elmer Fudd was a unique character with a unique storyline and a unique speech. You must remember that he used to replace his r’s with w’s.

For instance, he always said “wabbit” instead of rabbit. Or he used to say “I am trying to hunt the wabbits”. Another famous line of Elmer Fudd is “Be Vewwy Quiet”.


It is Elmer Fudd’s character in the Looney Tunes who suffers from rhotacism. He is the one in the show who replaced all of the Rs with Ws.

He is the only notorious character in the Classic Looney Tunes for he had used words such as “vewwwy” and “wabbits” in the show.

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